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We first opened an Internet presence in early 2001, while living in Colorado. Initially, we dedicated our website to unique products geared to the interests of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), often informally known as the Mormon Church. However, after moving to Utah in 2006, we discovered a broader interest in all religious communities and started introducing a wider spectrum of products that would be of interest to all people of all walks of life and religious orientations or beliefs. We had a great reception for this shift of products. After leaving Utah, Choose The Right Creations faced yet another challenge, due to numerous moves from Utah to Texas to Kansas and finally Missouri, which caused us to be less active in the management of our website. We sincerely regret the time lost in renewing our management and product efforts and are happy with our decision to refocus our full attention to presenting quality and valued products, as we always been known to provide for our customers.

We hope you will return often and keep current with our products as they become available to each and every one of you. Feel free to reach out with any comments or suggestions, or, simply drop either of us an email, as we love to hear from our loyal customers.

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